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Policy and Charters


Governance standards follow relevant laws, the NZX Listing Rules and the company's constitution, and are executed through various policies and procedures.

The Quayside Group board is committed to maintaining high standards of governance and constantly improving its corporate governance framework. Governance standards recognise the corporate governance principles of the Securities Commission and NZ Corporate Governance Best Practice Code. To date the board has in place the following governance documents:


Founding Documents


  Board Code of Ethics



  Audit Committee Charter

  Board Charter

  Remuneration Committee Charter



  Asset Valuation Policy

  Delegated Authority Policy

  Distribution and Reserving Policy

  Executive Remuneration Policy

  Fraud Policy

  Personal Expenses and Credit Card Policy

  Responsible Investment Policy

  Share Trading Policy

  Treasury Policy

  Health & Safety Policy

  Code of Ethics

  Appointment of Directors to Quayside Subsidiaries & Investments Policy

  Diversity Policy

  Travel and Expenditure Policy



Quayside Group companies board of directors consist of four independent directors and a minimum of two and maximum of four appointed directors from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. All directors are eligible to be the board chair. The board meets six weekly and if required meets by telephone or via email.



The Audit Committee assists in the oversight of regulatory and financial reporting compliance, external audit processes and financial controls. The Committee is responsible for assessing and monitoring the Group's business and commercial risks. A full description of the Audit Committee's composition and duties is contained in the Audit Committee Charter. Committee members as at 1 November 2017 were Robert Tait (Chair), Jane Nees, Brett Hewlett and Robert McLeod  (as ex officio).


The Remuneration Committee's objective is to assist the board in all aspects of remuneration policy and statutory compliance in respect of both officers and directors. A full description of the Committee's purpose is set out in the Remuneration Committee Charter.

Committee members as at 1 November 2017 were Paula Thompson (Chair), Warren Parker and Rob McLeod.

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