Our Rachel – Compliance and Governance Administrator Who Ensures There is Never a Dull Moment!

Rachel eats compliance for breakfast at Quayside but presents it in a way that sparkles.   A force to be reckoned with, she keeps us up to date with what is hip and current and ensures our laughter quotient is met each day. 

Rachel was born and bred in Rotorua and is of Ngāti Pikiao decent, she is the youngest of three.  Post-secondary school Rachel continued working at New World where she had worked during her school years, becoming the Checkout Manager and also taking home the crown of 2013 Regional Operator of the Year!  

Attaining her Real Estate Certificate after a change of direction, for the last decade, Rachel has been on a path of upskilling and broadening her business knowledge which includes her current study for a Bachelor of Business Management. 

During her time at Glenn Hawkins & Associates in Rotorua, Rachel honed her corporate and governance administration skills working for eight different Māori entities as Board Secretary, ensuring each Board ran effectively and smoothly.   It was during this time that Rachel began to learn and understand her Māori heritage – a journey that she has embraced and is proud of. 

Both these experiences stood her in good stead for her move to Quayside, which she joined in 2020 as our Compliance and Governance Administrator.  Alongside this role she has become our team’s ambassador as we started our cultural awareness journey.  We consider ourselves fortunate to have Rachel in our work whānau.   Her tickets were booked for her first overseas experience in early 2020 when COVID first struck.   Quayside has greatly benefited from Rachel’s call to stay home and see how events unfolded. 

Rachel is responsible for ensuring the Quayside Group meets legislative obligations as a Council Controlled Trading Organisation (CCTO), undertaking secretarial duties for each Board entity as well as working with the wider team on policy requirements.    It is no mean feat to keep us all in line and Rachel loves the diversity and variety that the job offers. 

To say that Rachel is a social beast would be a slight understatement.   She’s quick to a quip and has the gift of the gab which leaves the team sometimes folded over with laughter.   She lightens the room and is a “straight shooter”.    A keen footballer since her early years, COVID intervened again this year when the New Zealand Masters Games were cancelled where she was to represent the region. 

Whānau is key – she embraces the role of Auntie Rachel, keeping her family close however her desire to see the world has only grown during these last two years and she is planning to sample the delights of Europe at the back end of 2023 and is excited to experience the different foods and cultures that the world has waiting.   In the meantime she enjoys the coffee machine, the banter and the “no day is the same” that Quayside offers.    We, in return, enjoy Taylor Swift on replay and nailing the Group’s Stuff Quiz.