Quayside’s vision is to be a trusted, world class endowment manager delivering sustainable, intergenerational prosperity to the region.
Our mission is to deliver sustainable, long-term prosperity to the region and our shareholder by prudently building capital through a disciplined investment process.
We focus on providing long term financial security to our shareholder, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, through a diversified investment portfolio, retaining a majority shareholding the Port of Tauranga.
We align with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s long-term plan which states:
“Quayside has been achieving strong profit growth for several years and retains a portion of its profit for future regional investment.  This ensures that our communities’ benefit from investments and provides financial resilience for the Council Group.”


The core values of the Quayside Team are:
Positive People

We are a team of engaged, fun individuals, fostering an environment where the future is what we make it.

Bold Initiatives

We pursue bold initiatives coupled with courageous and robust decision-making; we do work we’re proud to stand by.

Impactful Outcomes

Honest collaboration lies at the heart of what we do and we trust our people to provide real outcomes for our community.


The guiding principles used by Quayside in achieving its vision are:


  • Be a commercially focused and community-minded investor;
  • Be a trusted advisor;
  • Ensure a long term, sustainable and intergenerational focus for generations to come;
  • Innovative yet disciplined with a growth focus.