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Quayside Holdings Limited

Quayside Holdings Limited is the investment arm of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.  It is via a subsidary, the majority holder of the Port of Tauranga Limited.  Quayside Holdings Limited is also an issuer of debt securities on the New Zealand Exchange.

Quayside Holdings Limited is a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO), it being established by its sole shareholder the Bay of Plenty Regional Council in 1991.  Its initial purpose was to acquire and manage the commercial investment of the Council, namely its majority interest in the Port of Tauranga, which it holds through a subsidiary company.

Quayside is governed by a Board of Directors. 

For further information about Quayside Governance and Directors click here.


Quayside Today

Over time, interests in property and shares have been added to the portfolio.  Today Quayside continues to seek new regional opportunities for investment with which to diversify its income base.

Quayside controls its investment through a number of group companies.  To view the group structure click here.

As a Council Controlled Organisation, Quayside must negotiate with the Regional Council a Statement of Intent, the basis on which activities and objectives are set annually.

Click here to view a copy of the Current Statement of Intent


Perpetual Preference Shares

The success of the investment in the Port of Tauranga Limited enabled Quayside, in 2008, to issue $200 million of Perpetual Preference Shares (PPS).  The Shares, held by over 3,500 shareholders are tradable on the New Zealand Exchanges NZDX market.  The proceeds from the issue of these non-voting units provides the basis for the Regional Councils $200m Infrastructure Fund, from which the Council funds some of the regions infrastructure development.

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Ratepayer Benefit

Since its inception Quayside has continued to exercise a commercial focus on its investments.  The benefits to the region include:

  • Majority ownership of New Zealand's most profitable and productive Port, the Port of Tauranga Limited,
  • $200 million of Infrastructure Funds raised for Council through the PPS issue,
  • Over $168 million in dividends paid to Bay of Plenty Regional Council, and
  • Ongoing regional income from over $1.2 billion of investment assets.

In the current year (to 30 June 2015) the benefit of the Quayside distribution to Council is equivalent to $130 of benefit for every rate paying household in the Bay of Plenty region.

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