Quayside Holdings is the commercial investment arm of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Its role is to effectively and efficiently manage investment assets for a commercial return, thereby providing growth and income to regional stakeholders.



Ma te whai i te huarahi ki te haangai ki te whakahaere i nga rawa haumi hei tautoko i te waa roa, me te tipu haere tonu o nga hapori o Bay of Plenty


Taking a collaborative and environmentally responsible approach to the management of investment assets to support the long term, sustainable growth of Bay of Plenty communities

Quayside was established in 1991 when it acquired a 55 per cent share in the Port of Tauranga from the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Originally valued at $53 million, investment decisions have resulted in significant growth that has allowed Quayside to diversify its portfolio. At 30 June 2019, its asset base has a market value of over $2.6 billion, including $300 million worth of assets unrelated to the port.

In addition to growing the asset base, Quayside has also provided distributions and capital worth over $500 million for the benefit of Bay of Plenty Regional Council and regional stakeholders. In terms of direct benefits to ratepayers in the Bay of Plenty, this represents a significant saving per household by reducing the amount collected in general rates.



Property investment

Commercial investment

Iwi/horticulture investment


Quayside Holdings is the investment arm of Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Via a subsidiary, it is the majority holder of shares in the Port of Tauranga and is also an issuer of debt securities on the New Zealand Exchange…

The ability to diversify its shareholdings from complete reliance on Port of Tauranga shares has been a goal of Quayside Holdings. To this end, in 2003 Quayside Properties Ltd…

To provide the Bay of Plenty Regional Council with a consistent, sustainable, inflation proof intergenerational…