Glenda Dufaur – our Exec Assistant, resident rain maker with a panache for nature

We are grateful that Glenda is one of our people.  Glenda is one of those people where her wide range of life and work experiences means that nothing fazes her, she’s the one that makes sure we take time for ourselves when the plates are spinning fast, and while she cannot be relied upon to bring good weather to an event, she sure knows how to manage one!

Brought up on an orchard in Tauranga with fond memories, Glenda is almost a born and bred BOP’er remembering what Tauranga was like before the boom – and traffic!

After saving hard for 12 months, Glenda flew the coop at 17 yrs old to Perth, working for an accountancy firm overseeing corporate governance – her parents even followed her having their own adventures in the wild of WA.  Europe beckoned for the next seven years – good food, travel, and an experience as a chambermaid in Switzerland allowed her to travel and experience some amazing things.  Her bag was always packed with a roll of the dice as to what exotic location the next bus or train might take her – footloose and fancy-free.

Glenda began working for Legion 0900 phone company in London, then relocated to their start-up office in Sydney as an Account Manager.  Scratching the surface a little more – Glenda actually set up the very first 0900 Psychic Line – a real innovation back in the day!

Fast forward a few years, Glenda followed her heart resulting in a transfer to Geelong, Victoria and various challenging roles at Telstra in Melbourne.  Home beckoned, and with it a role as EA to the Head of Entrepreneurial Services for Ernst and Young in Auckland, interacting with some amazing companies at the forefront of technology and innovation.

She then joined Navman as the EA to the Chairman and CFO at a time when Navman was in the midst of a major trajectory upwards.  It was a challenging, fast-moving role with the kind of dynamic decision making that suits her own style, including coordinating the development of a $5M R&D Centre.  When Navman was sold to a US company, the management of the due diligence process fell squarely in Glenda’s lap, with many a late night and coffee to keep going.

After taking maternity leave from Navman, the pace of life changed quite a bit buying a business with her husband, Shane.  They moved out to acreage, and she happily became Farmer Glenda – home renovations, child rearing, a menagerie of animals – a real paddock to plate experience in paradise.

After a number of years at home, Glenda returned to the workforce with the Rena Recovery project, then taking on a wider administrative role with SmartGrowth and then EA to the CEO & Board at Bay Venues for over 5 years.  We are thrilled Glenda chose to join Quayside back in June, bringing her broad work and life experiences – as well as a happy smile and a sense of community spirit.

Now back in the city, the long-term view is to brush off the overalls and get back to the land – once the teenagers have left the house…  minimising her family’s footprint, living healthy and ultimately happy lives in a nurturing environment.  Glenda is also embarking on another journey in March – taking the Tikanga Māori course through self-directed learning – something she is keen to connect with.

Glenda has widely admired skills at Quayside for other reasons too – she’s a fine baker and cook, and great at diplomatically caroling the troops to get stuff done.  While she runs a wonderful event, don’t invite her to your outdoor BBQ unless you want it to rain.  Almost every Quayside event Glenda has organised has come served up with lashings of rain, drizzle, gale-force winds and no doubt some hail will get thrown in the mix somewhere…. the weather gods are out to get her!

As per usual, most of our team conversations turn to food – Glenda truly believes food brings people together, creating special memories with family and loved ones.